بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


2. (Computer + IT and All Certification)
3. (Computer & IT)
4. (Computer & Other)
5. (Computer & Other)
6. (Bermacam-macam)
22- (three java e-books)
23- (JavaScript, Perl, CGI)
24- (Nothing of value)
25- (Must be visited ,all kinds of books, Wala eshi)
26- (oracle, Linux , Regular expressions, various books)
27- (Math, Physics, AI, Data Structures and algorithms, Graphics, and more)
28- //Arabic books (Various computer books in Arabic)
29- (Unix, Engineering, Mathematics, Bluetooth, Networking, Security, Cryptography, Operating systems)
30- //This link is no more (Bye bye)
31- (very old books about everything and anything)
32- //various books like Orlleay books and more
33- (poor)
34- //Books about UML
35- (Free registration required, Huge collection of books, site is not in English)
36- (Beginning and professional PHP, Perl (2), Java (2).
37- (Huge collection of computer books) //Must visit
38- (Various books and tutorials)
39- ftp://e-book:e-book@ (Needs fast connection)
40- (this link is not more, permission denied)
41- (Free brain dumps)
42- (Certification forum)
43- (various books ziliar years ago_
44- (Nice Indian site for e-books)Software Engineering, Programming, Java, networking, Lisp. etc
45- (Very nice, .NET, little java books, and fiction)
46- (Very nice, various it books)
47- (.NET tutorials)
48- (various books, shell programming)
49- (tcp-ip, UNIX, winnt)
50- (Computer guides)
51- (tcp-ip, UNIX, VB6, Networking, NT_Unleashed)
52- (C++ book)
53- (C++ resources and tutorials)
54- (DSP guide)
55- (Java books)
57- (books and tools) //go the parent directory then to books section
59- -Database -Networks -Compilers – Artificial IntelligenceHalf of the links in the site dont work but it worth looking
60- (Every thing)
61- (Huge collection of books and sample chapters, HTML format)
62- (All kinds of books, free subscriptions required)
63- (Bruce eckel books about Java, accepted site)
64- (Java and SWE
65- (Large collection of old books)->Web programming with visual basic->Using JavaScript->Teach your self books (10 books)
66- (Networks, Linux, Image processing, Databases, Java, Perl)
67- (XML, UML, Java)
68- (Great site, contains 100 books)->The download area is in Chinese->Use google to translate
69- (This site is bye bye, no more)
70- (Microsoft stuff books)
71- (Great site, worth a try->Programming->Security->Operating systems (Windows, Linux, Unix)->Novels->Databases->And more
72- (Very great book forum for electrical Engineering->Contains hundreds of e-book links
72- (Network book)
73- (Not bad)
74- (Java, NET ,PHP, Phyton , Perl)
76- (This is link is no more)
77- (Unix programming books)
78- (Wireless books)
79- Very great link
80- (More than 200 books)
81- (not good)
82- (Engineering stuff)
83- (Not bad)
84- (Six mathematics books)
85- (Site not in English)66-http://mat (Little books)
87- (Little tutorial)
88- (circuit tutorials)
89- (Not tried, not in English)
90- (Assembly book)
91- Aids for VLSI Design
93- (Great FTP Site, Books about cryptography, business
94- (Good site)
95- (hundreds of tutorials)
96- (Good site, mainly about programming languages)
97- (Not good)
98- (Food for thought site, very good)
99- (Not good)
100- (Bruce eckel handicapped books)
الحمد لله رب العالمين

diambil dari


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